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Saturation Fix


This script creates a saturation mask that can be used to fix photos with saturation problems like clipped colour channels. It is based on an article on Luminous landscape, found here. The resulting layer can be used to perform various saturation adjustments.

Note that unless you specifically need this script, there are other scripts and methods you should be looking at to adjust saturation. For example, the Colour Saturation (ColorVibrance) script by Martin Egger.

You can find the script at the GIMP Plug-In Registry. After you install the script (download and place in your script folder), refresh your scripts ([Menu] <Filters> Script-Fu –> Refresh Scripts).

You will find this script under [Menu] <Script-Fu> Darla –> Saturation Fix. (If you have trouble, revisit the main GIMP Corner page for more information about the GIMP and using plug-ins).